Our Home is beautifully situation on 30 acres of secluded countryside property in northwest Tennessee. Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Do you want to discover the secret of true health and happiness and begin to experience and enjoy life more abundantly? M.E.E.T. Ministry offers weekend health and nutrition seminars, 10-day health educational workshops, and health expos.

Share in a learning experience that will be informative and inspiring. These seminars provide you with practical knowledge of natural health based on Biblical principles, scientific evidence and personal experiences. In addition, we offer hands on practical demonstrations with natural remedies and hygienic cooking.

  • The Role of Health Reform in the Plan of Salvation
  • Understanding the Creator's Masterpiece - The Life in the Cells
  • The Kingdom Within - The Immune System
  • God's Plan - The Answer to Cancer and AIDS
  • Taking the Itis Out of Arthritis
  • Silencing the Silent Killer - Hearth Disease
  • Are You Safe at the Plate?
  • Food is Your Best Medicine - God's Farmacy
  • GOD'S PLAN for the Preservation and Restoration of Health

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