"There is a sacred circle around every family which should be preserved. No other one has any right in that sacred circle. The husband and wife should be all to each other." Adventist Home, page 177

The sweetest type of heaven is a home where the spirit of the Lord presides. If the will of God is fulfilled, the husband and wife will respect each other and cultivate love and confidence." The Signs of the Times, June 20, 1922

You are cordially invited to attend this memorable occasion. Enhance your marriage by learning to truly abide in Christ and rekindle the flame.

The flame may be dim to nonexistent or it may already be roaring fire. In either case, our goal is to deepen the love that you have for each other so that your marriage will be a heaven on earth.

Location:   The Country Place
  1850 Price Road
  Moscow, TN 38057

Registration:  November 30, 2017 at 4:00 p.m.   

Children:  Though we understand and highly value the contribution of children to the family circle, we do not have the resources available to accommodate children at the upcoming retreat.  Nevertheless, we believe that the wisdom and encouragement obtained by the parents will bear upon the children as well. Please pardon any inconvenience that this may cause.

Dress:  We would appreciate your adherence to MEET Ministry's Dress Code in keeping with principles of Christian modesty.  Please refrain from wearing shorts, T-shirts, form-fitting or see through clothes, jewelry, and low necklines.  We also kindly request that women refrain from wearing pants (though a dress or shirt, reaching below the knees, may be worn over pants in cases where such attire is necessary).

What to Bring:  Bible, umbrella, walking shoes, bath linens such as towels, flashlight, light supper item if desired (e.g. fruit, crackers, etc.) for Friday evening.

Have you ever attended a marriage retreat outside of Preserving the Sacred Circle?


For those that are interested, there will be an optional moderate to strenuous hike as a bonus after check out. Due to the length of this excursion, couples will need to plan ahead for housing as the retreat will have officially ended.



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