M.E.E.T. has a wonderful team of consecrated and dedicated workers. These humble men and women working in cooperation with
God are central to the success of this ministry.

  • Dr. Thomas Jackson


    Dr. Jackson has a Ph.D. in Health Science (Preventative Medicine) and is a Christian Hygienic Practitioner, a Gospel-Health Evangelist, and Christian Health Educator with 25 plus years of experience. He with his wife, Dr. Laverne Jackson, founded M.E.E.T.

  • Dr. LaVerne Jackson

    Associate Director & Business Manager

    Dr. Jackson has a Ph.D. in Nutritional Science. Co-founder of M.E.E.T. Ministry along with her husband, she has had the privilege of conducting presentations on nutrition and hygienic cooking worldwide.

  • Karen DeWind

    Business Office

    Karen has been at M.E.E.T. for 20 years and plays a pivotal role in helping to maintain the financial health of the ministry. She is excited to play a part in hastening the soon coming of the Lord through her work in the office.

  • April Smith

    Female Health Therapist

    April has been a dedicated lifestyle counselor and health educator for many years. The Lord opened the door for her to work at M.E.E.T. Ministry to continue ministering to souls in the lines of medical missionary work. 

  • Emory Horne

    Assistant Office Manager

    He is a passionate missionary, who loves God and wants to see others come to a better knowledge of the Lord God. As a former student at Tekoa Missions, he is now utilizing his God-given talents to further perpetuate the work at M.E.E.T. Ministry.

  • Lynn Neeley

    Researcher / Consultant

    A medical missionary for many years, Lynn assists in the area of writing and research. She works closely with Our Home Health Center and appreciates every opportunity to assist others in their quest for wholeness.

  • Michael Smith

    Maintenance Supervisor / Male Therapist

    Michael comes to M.E.E.T. Ministry via invitation and the providence of the Lord. He has worked in frontline missions and health evangelism for many years. By the power of the Holy Spirit, he desires to restore that which has been broken.

  • Odis Anthony

    Graphic Arts Designer

    Odis serves as our in house Graphic Designer, working with the printed materials. He is a graduate of the four month training school and has been with the ministry for several years.

  • Raphael Cobb


    His approach to gardening is based on the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy. Joining M.E.E.T Ministry January 2016, he prays to help prepare a people to stand well nourished in these last days.

  • Rose Cobb

    She is at MEET Ministry supporting her husband in the garden. She understands that having and maintaining a garden is of vital importance. 

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