The School of Gospel Health Evangelism, which runs from March 1st through June 28th 2020, can best be classified as an extremely intense, comprehensive, yet surprisingly simplistic, educational experience. Located in the country, students will be surrounded by sights and sounds conducive to learning and spiritual growth. Opportunities for evangelistic outreach, a practical work experience, in-depth classes and labs and adventures unique only to this program await the attendee.

    This program is designed to provide you with a thorough understanding of what constitutes true gospel-medical missionary work.

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    God's Farmacy Book

    This course is designed to provide you with a thorough understanding of what constitutes true gospel-medical missionary work. This course trains students to be Gospel Medical Missionaries. It provides the opportunity for students to learn about nature's Laws of Health. Simple but effective, these principles preserve the wealth of health, provide an answer to cancer and many other diseases while improving the quality of physical, mental and spiritual life. With an emphasis to educate rather than medicate, students will learn methods of true health evangelism and how to employ it as an entering wedge to win souls to Jesus. Furthermore, students will be taught how to live; this will encompass every aspect of life. Educating self and others is a primary goal to enhance physical, mental and spiritual health. Ultimately, the course provides a deeper understanding of the Greatest Medical Book Ever Written, the Bible. Subjects that will be studied include:


    Bible Training

    This class can add a spark into your own spiritual life as it seeks to enable you to be able to reveal and share with others the way of salvation. It incorporates the study of Bible prophecy, the sanctuary, church history, righteousness by faith, how to study the Bible, how to give biblical health presentations and door to door witnessing. Topics include:

    • The Life and Teachings of Jesus
    • Bible Doctrines
    • The Three Angel's Messages
    • The Sanctuary
    • Righteousness by Faith
    • How to Study the Bible
    • How to Present Effective Bible Studies
    • Principles of True Education

    Ministry of Healing

    This subject is designed to aid students in examining and exemplifying the life and ministry of Jesus, the Greatest Medical Missionary that ever lived. Special emphasis is given to Christ's method of reaching the heart by meeting the physical needs of mankind. Furthermore, the student will learn of the intricate relationship between health and morals. Topics include:

    • Role of Health in the Plan of Salvation
    • Christ Our Example
    • Biblical Principles of Medical Missionary Work
    • Teaching Principles of Health
    • Gospel Medical Missionary Evangelism

    God's Nutrition Plan

    Students will explore principles of nutrition by studying biblical and scientific reasons for a plant-based diet and the relationship between diet, spirituality and health. In addition there are hands-on cooking (and tasting) classes. Students will learn to prepare hygienic, wholesome, palatable dishes. Topics include:

    • Reasons For Reform
    • Diet And Spirituality
    • Diet In Relation To Disease
    • Nutritional Needs And Deficiencies
    • The Biblical Classification of Foods
    • Menu And Meal Planning
    • Food Practicums

    Nature's Rational Remedies

    Principles and application of nature's remedial agencies such as herbs and foods and the systematic approach to herbs with a variety of preparations such as poultices and tinctures are discussed and visualized. Topics include:

    • The Place of Rational Remedies in God's Plan
    • The Principles and Application of Food and Herbal Remedies
    • An Introduction to the Systematic Approach to Herbs
    • Herb Classifications
    • Principles of Administering Herbs
    • Herbal Preparations such as: Poultices, Tinctures, Teas and More

    Hydrotherapy and Massage

    This class will enable you to use the most abundant substance on the earth as a means of maintaining health. Simple water treatments and stress and disease-reducing massage will be illustrated. Topics include:

    • A Systematic Approach and Rational Application of Water the Preservation of Health
    • A Practical Class in the Art of Massage Therapy and Its Healthful Effect on the Body

    Understanding The Creator's

    This class is designed to build a scientific and biblical understanding of the human organism. From the function of the law-abiding cells, to the physiology of the four step digestive system, the great war waged everyday in the immune system, and the ordained seven channels of elimination, students are taught to recognize and appreciate the signature of God upon every organ, tissue and cell. Then the student will be truly able to exclaim with David, "I will praise thee [God]; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made." Psalm 139:14. Topics include:

    • Reasons for Studying Anatomy and Physiology
    • The Life in the Cells
    • Overview of the Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Body
    • The Biblical Concepts of Vital Force
    • Physiology of Digestion
    • The Seven Channels of Elimination
    • The Immune System

    God's Plan for the Preservation and Restoration of Health

    This subject is designed to provide instruction regarding the principles and applications of the eight Laws of Health: Godly Trust, Open Air, Daily Exercise, Sunshine, Proper Rest, Lots of Water, Always Temperate and Nutrition. The student will learn the therapeutic value and application of these laws as well as the cause (and how to ascertain the cause) of disease and how to live a disease-resistant life. By the end of the course, students will be able to differentiate between heaven's approved method of healing and other false methods. Topics include:

    • What is GOD'S PLAN?
    • What is Health and Disease?
    • The Therapeutic Value of the Eight Laws of Health
    • Principles and Application of GOD'S PLAN
    • True and False Methods of Healing

    Medical Missionary Home Health Care

    The principles of ministry to the sick in their homes or a home-like facility and how to transform your home into a sanitarium, a place where healing can occur.

    Christian Lifestyle Consulting

    This course prepares you to meet the needs of a sin-sick, disease ridden world. It will prepare you to become a Christian lifestyle consultant.

    Medical Terminology

    Basic health assessment techniques including basic symptom assessment and how to determine the cause of a condition by applying the principles of GOD'S PLAN to disease.


    This class provides theory as well as experience in growing life-giving food. Instruction on planting, cultivating as well as harvesting and preserving various types of nourishing produce is provided. Topics include:

    • An introduction to the science of gardening
    • Development of practical skills on growing and maintaining a garden
    • Practical lessons on righteousness by faith through gardening
    • Food preservation labs, i.e. canning

    Literature Evangelism

    This class covers the importance of our denomination’s literature ministry and its relation to the closing work. Students Learn the beauty of the canvassing work in paving the way to the hearts and homes of those whom otherwise could not be reached. At the conclusion, students will be fully equipped to carry on the Canvassing work. Topics include:

    • Practical knowledge on how to go door-to-door distributing distinct SDA publications
    • Gospel Salesmanship
    • How to overcome objections
    • Participation in a local canvassing program

    In addition to classroom instruction, the students participate in work assignments and receive hands-on training through the health center. Furthermore, there are also work programs offered that provide training in practical lines such as food preparation, maintenance, office work, natural farming and more.

    This power-packed program has been prepared so that you can become a trained Gospel Medical Missionary for these last days.


    The cost of this course is $5,500. This includes tuition, room and board, and two vegan meals per day. There is a non-refundable application fee of $250. Your application must be completed and returned along with the application fee by January 10, 2020. Upon acceptance, the student is required to make a deposit of one half of the tuition costs by February 6, 2020.

    If after praying for God's guidance, you feel that it is His will for you to attend, but are having financial struggles, contact M.E.E.T. for suggestions which may assist you in obtaining your tuition.

    An option that we offer is the canvassing program. The funds raised could defray some, if not all of the tuition. The next program tentatively begins in December and ends in February. Space is limited in this program so we encourage you to make the call. Accept the challenge!


    Textbooks cost about $300 and are available from the campus bookstore.


    Stay updated with health tips, latest on "Our Home", products and more!


    Thank you for your interest in the School of Gospel Health Evangelism. M.E.E.T. Ministry accepts students regardless of race, color or national origin whose views are in harmony with our policies as outlined in our Standards and Regulations.

     Gospel Medical Missionary School Application Download

    Standards & Regulations

    We are glad you are interested in the Gospel Health Evangelism training offered at M.E.E.T. Ministry. These Standards & Regulations have been prepared to help you become familiar with our policies that govern our training program and the M.E.E.T. community. Adherence to these guidelines ensures the maintenance of a spiritual atmosphere where God will be glorified, and the unity amongst faculty, staff, and students.

    If you have any further questions after going through these standards and regulations, please don't hesitate to contact us at 731.986.3518 or via email at godsplan@meetministry.org.

    • At all times let your thoughts, words and actions be under the divine influence of the Holy Spirit.
    • Men and women should guard against familiarity between the sexes.
    • Courtship while in school is to be avoided.
    • Unmarried students are to avoid visitation between the sexes living quarters.
    • All classes, school devotions, and evangelistic programs are to be attended by all students living on campus.
    • Regularity in time is of utmost importance in your spiritual development. Therefore, you must be on time for devotions, work assignments, classes, and meals.
    • All students are to participate in scheduled work assignments – such as kitchen, grounds, housekeeping, etc.
    • Two meals are provided per day and will be served in the cafeteria at the designated times. Breakfast is served from 7:00 to 8:30 a.m., lunch is served from 1:30 to 3:00 p.m.
    • If you will not be eating a given meal, please notify the Food Supervisor as soon as possible before that meal.
    • No food is to be prepared or eaten in the sleeping quarters. Since we are on a two meal plan, you will be financially responsible for your third meal. All eating is to be done in the dining area.
    • Students can attend according to his or her choice, any of the local area Seventh-day Adventist. He or she needs to make their own travel arrangements. There will occasionally be announced scheduled Sabbath services held on the campus.
    • Your living quarters should be kept cleaned and orderly. Living quarters will be periodically evaluated.
    • Daily assigned chores and Sabbath preparations should be done faithfully.
    • Students should care for the dorms as they would their own personal belongings.
    • Since showers and bathrooms must be shared with a number of people, please limit your time to 15 minutes, and clean up after use.
    • Students are to be responsible for their own personal possessions. M.E.E.T. Ministry is not liable for any lost possessions or any accidents while you are on the School property.
    • No pets are allowed.

    • Dress should be in harmony with the principles of the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy. Therefore, shorts, t-shirts, ladies wearing pants (a dress or skirt can be worn over pants during certain situations as long as the dress/skirt comes below the calves), form-fitting or see-through clothes, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, ankle chains, make-up, low neck line blouses and dresses are inappropriate for those who represent their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
    • Personal neatness and order should always be maintained. Personal hygiene is essential to good health, both spiritually and physically.

    • All grounds connected with this ministry are God’s grounds, therefore, they are holy grounds and we should maintain the cleanliness of the grounds. All trash and unsightly objects are to be disposed of in appropriate places.
    • Administrative office, staff homes, storage buildings, and other properties and facilities not directly connected with the school are not to be entered without first receiving permission by those who are responsible for those areas.
    • Any student causing damage to the ministry’s property will be liable for reimbursement to the ministry.
    • All vehicles are to be parked in designated parking areas.

    • Tuition is to be paid in full upon arrival unless previous arrangements have been made.

    • Students are to be responsible for their own laundry. There are facilities on the property in designated places.

    • Mail will be collected and distributed daily by M.E.E.T. staff. Mail is not to be removed from the mailbox by anyone other than M.E.E.T. staff.
    • In the event of any emergency health related issues that students may experience while at school, M.E.E.T. will minister to your needs through our health facility at a minimum cost.

    • Phone use is limited to 15 minutes per student. No long distance phone calls are to be charged to the ministry’s phones. Students may receive calls and make long distance calls (via a calling card) on the phone in the dormitory – the number is: (731) 986-7594 or 7565.

    Agree to terms
    1. Your First Name
      Your Last Name
    2. Street Address
      Apartment, suite, unit etc.
      State / Province / Region (if applicable)
      Postal Code / Zip Code
      Email Address
    3. Birth Date
    4. Sex
    5. In Case of Emergency
      Street Address
      Apartment, suite, unit etc.
      State / Province / Region (if applicable)
      Postal Code / Zip Code
      Email Address


    6. Full Name
      Full Name
      Full Name
      Full Name
    7. Experience in teaching/ public speaking or missionary work?
    8. Religious Affiliation


    9. Church Name
      How long have you been a Christian?
      Religious Activities
    1. Please share any past or current mental or medical conditions. Please note, M.E.E.T. Ministry reserves the right to dismiss a student without a refund, if there is a discrepancy between what is now confidentially disclosed and actuality in regards to your health.
    2. List of any prescribed medications?
    3. Do you require any Special Dietary need? Other than a Vegan meal plan i.e. No Salt or No Sweeteners, Food Allergies, Food Sensitivities? (No Free Oil, etc)
    4. Are you struggling with any emotional issues that we may be able to assist you with (i.e. insecurity, unforgiveness, etc.)? If so, please elaborate.
    5. Do you currently or have ever smoked, used alcohol or recreational drugs? If not currently, when did you last use?
    6. Do you have any personal habits that may interfere with a roommates ability to sleep (i.e. snoring, sleep walking, up at 2 AM, etc.)? The purpose of this school is for training and equipping an individual for service. Any health condition that needs to be addressed for you to attend the school without difficulty should be done prior to attendance. If we can be any assistance in this matter, please contact the ministry.
    7. Do you have any current financial obligations?
      If yes, please explain below
    8. If accepted, would you be bringing a car?
      If yes, please explain below
    9. How did you learn about our school?
    10. What is your educational background?
    1. Are you presently employed?
      If yes, please provide employment background
    2. Agriculture and vocational skills?
    3. How do you plan to pay?
    4. Give three (3) references that are not a relative who have known you for at least one year, including your Pastor or Elder.
      1. First Name
        Last Name
        Street address
        Apartment, suite, unit etc.
        State / Province / Region (if applicable)
        Postal Code / Zip Code
      2. First Name
        Last Name
        Street Address
        Apartment, suite, unit etc.
        State / Province / Region (if applicable)
        Postal Code / Zip Code
      3. First Name
        Last Name
        Street Address
        Apartment, suite, unit etc.
        State / Province / Region (if applicable)
        Postal Code / Zip Code




    How do you plan to pay your tuition?

    For Special payment arrangements made prior to arrival
    please contact M.E.E.T Ministry.

    Make your payment directly to us. Your application cannot be processed without payment.

    Card Accepted
    Card Number
    Name On Card
    Card Type

    Your credit card will be charged




    What to Bring

    Bible Spirit of Prophecy books relating to health (CDF, MM, COH, MH)
    Other Spirit of Prophecy books are Optional
    Cassette Recorder or DVD/CD Players with headphones
    Bedding - pillow, twin sized sheets with several blankets
    Alarm Clock
    Personal Hygiene Items
    Paper, Pencil, Note Book
    Work and walking shoes
    Work clothes
    Other Books for References Only: (Optional)
    *Abundant Health - Julius Gilbert White
    *Itinerary of a Breakfast - J. H. Kellogg
    *Christian Experience - Julius Gilbert White
    * Today’s Herbal Health - Louise Tenney Encyclopedia of Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts & Seeds - Joseph Kadan
    *Back to Eden - J. Kloss
    *These books will be available for purchase from our office after arrival.

    What Not to Bring

    Thank you for not bringing your pets.

    Dress Standards

    In all our attire, let us rightly represent our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
    MEN: We encourage you to wear clothing that reflects the character of a Christian man. Therefore, please, no short pants and tight fitting clothing and clothing that expose unnecessary parts of the body. (i.e. sleeveless shirts)
    WOMEN: We encourage you to dress modestly, simply, and neatly. That which becomes a godly woman is desired. Therefore, please, no shorts, tight fitting clothing, pants (unless covered with a dress below the calves), and clothing that exposes unnecessary parts of the body. We encourage each person to be submitted to Jesus Christ who is our Head and Savior of the body. Ephesians 5: 20-32

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