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The Relief Work

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We at M.E.E.T. Ministry are dedicated to furthering the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ to a dying world, in preparation for the second coming of our Lord and Saviour. In our efforts to accomplish this goal, we have on our ministry property a natural health retreat called a sanitarium where personas come with various physical ailments. With instruction in the principles of health, in conjunction with the use of natural remedies and hygienic treatment, the attendees, through God's power, are able to see great improvements in overall health and even complete reversal of disease. In addition, we have a missionary training school that equips it students in the practical lines of "Gospel Medical Missionary Work", encompassing subjects such as hydrotherapy. anatomy and physiology, gardening, and Bible training. 

We earnestly desire to see this work continue and strengthen with time, but a hindrance has been made on our work in the lines of finance, particularly debt. In order to be relived of this financial pressure, these two books (Greatest Lessons of Life and Wisdom of the Great Physician), were donated to our cause for the purpose of relieving our training school and natural health retreat of their financial encumbrances. As you purchase these books, the proceeds will directly help to curtail our indebted bill, thus giving us greater ability to fulfill our mission.

As the debt is terminated, additional proceeds received will be put to use in areas such as, a worthy health guest fund. This will provide a resource of means to help those sick ones, who unaided with financial support, could not attend our retreat. We will also use the additional funds to set up a worthy student fund to help prospective students in their efforts to attend our training school. And in the future, the proceeds will be used to help establish new institutions in untried fields.

The two volume set sells for a price of $50 but we are giving it at a price of $20 for the two books. We are calling for volunteers who can sacrifice their time and strength in canvassing these precious volumes to help relieve us of debt. Thank you so much for your support and we look forward to you continued assistance in the future.  

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