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18-Day Session  | Jan 8 - 26, 2023
Mental Health Retreat  | Feb 5 - 12, 2023 
18-Day Session | Mar 5 - 23, 2023
18-Day Session  | Apr 9 - 27, 2023
18-Day Session | May 14 - Jun 1, 2023 
10-Day Session | Jul 9 - 19, 2023
18-Day Session | Aug. 6 - 23, 2023  
18-Day Session | Sep. 10 - 28, 2023
18-Day Session | Oct. 29, 2023 - Nov. 16, 2023
18-Day Session | Dec. 3 - 21, 2023  


Our 10 or 18-day program is perfect for those who are seeking to restore or preserve their health. Through a supervised live-in program, our skilled therapists implement GOD'S PLAN so that you can experience restorative power for your—body, mind and spirit.The program entails cleansing the body first, then building up and strengthening it to start you on the pathway to health and happiness.

While every day is a gift from God and will contain unexpected surprises, a "typical" day during the first week consists of scheduled cleansing drinks, herbal teas, fresh vegetable juices, broths, and various forms of hydrotherapy and/or poultices depending upon your condition. In the afternoon, informative lectures are given which provide principles for attaining and maintaining optimal health. During the second week herbal teas and vegetables juices may be continued. The overall daily program consists of the following:

  • We begin early in the morning with an inspirational thought which is considered as therapeutic as the nutrition and therapies received.
  • This is followed by an energizing breakfast, a stretching session and digestive walk.
  • Therapy follows next. The type of therapy varies from day to day, but will always be specifically chosen to address your specific health condition. This will be given six times per week by one of our qualified hygienists. A rest is recommended after each session to enhance the results.
  • After a delicious dinner and walk, a lecture is given which covers many common diseases and their causes. These lectures are later replaced with hands-on cooking classes.
  • Personal time will follow with evening poultices given, if needed.
  • Group worship is next, where mental and spiritual aspects of health are discussed. Then it is free time to rest and contemplate the day before retiring.

Upon completion of the program, each guest not only begins to learn the fundamental Biblical principles of cooperating with God for physical restoration, but they also acquire new friends and family with whom they've bonded over the course of their stay.

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