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Module I. Ministry of Healing - This course, as its name implies, focuses on the book, Ministry of Healing, which serves as the textbook for the class. Special emphasis is given to Christ's method of reaching the heart by meeting the physical needs of mankind.

Module II. Understanding the Creator's Masterpiece - Designed to build an understanding of and an appreciation for the human organism. Topics include: the cell and the critical role of cells in overall health, the physiology of digestion, including the practices that encourage healthy digestion and the seven channels of elimination, their function and value.

Module III. Principles and Application of GOD'S PLAN - Provides instruction regarding the principles and application of the eight laws of health, as outlined in the acronym G.O.D.S.P.L.A.N. (see below)

Module IV. Principles of Nutrition - Explores the practicality and nutritional adequacy of a balanced plant-based diet both biblically and scientifically. Establishes the relationship between diet, physical health and spiritual well-being. Provides hands-on training in the preparation of highly nutritious, yet appetizing, foods - including special instruction on food combining and menu planning.

Module V. Nature's Rational Remedies - Teaches the judicious use of therapeutic plants and foods in the preservation of health.

Module VI. Hydrotherapy - Provides basic instruction on the use of water, internally and externally, in preserving health.

Module VII. Massage - Teaches the principles and basic techniques of massage and their practical application in the preservation of health

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