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M.E.E.T Jamaica

A Beautiful Island Retreat

M.E.E.T. Ministry opened up a lifestyle center on the island of Jamaica in March 2013. Jamaica has long needed the sanitarium work to be established there. In 1904 Ellen White wrote, “…the day before I left, Brother and Sister Richardson insisted on seeing me, that they might tell me of the many advantages that Jamaica possesses for sanitarium work. I certainly hope that this field may be entered by earnest laborers” (14MR 248.2}. We rejoice that the Lord has chosen to answer that prayer through this ministry.

The Natural Health Retreat is beautifully situated on 20 acres of secluded countryside property in North-Central, Saint Mary, in the midst of rolling hills, coconut, mango and breadfruit trees.  The retreat provides a modest homelike atmosphere that is conducive to the restoration of physical, mental and spiritual health. 18 and 10 day programs are conducted monthly. These programs are designed to meet the specific needs of each guest.

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