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Evangelism Cycle

Christ's Method Alone Wil Give True Success

Christ's method alone will give true success in reaching the people. The Saviour mingled with men as one who desired their good. He showed His sympathy for them, ministered to their needs, and won their confidence. Then He bade them, "Follow Me." {MH 143}

M.E.E.T. Ministry now offers a full evangelism cycle using the "Right Arm" method of reaching the people. This is wonderful program for churches that are looking to have a measurable impact on soul-winning efforts. We have witnessed again and again how teachings on Biblical health disarm the prejudice of many listeners and open their hearts to receive the truth of Jesus Christ and His saving grace. Our innovative five-cycle program is a unique approach to public evangelism that has found exceptional success through the grace of God. We firmly believe that by following Christ's method alone, we will reap the sure results of a bountiful harvest!


"If ever it has been essential that we understand and follow right methods of teaching and follow the example of Christ, it is now." {Ev 53}. At M.E.E.T Ministry, we have claimed the promised harvest and look to Jesus' example of training, meeting the needs of the people, discipling and teaching, then reaping; God Himself has promised success when we follow this example. The Gospel Medical Missionary Cycle is a practical method of implementing Christ's soul-winning pattern of ministry!

Evangelism Cycle

1. Gospel Health Evangelism Training

Local church members are trained and equipped in the cause, prevention, and true healing of disease. Training focuses on the restoration of man according to GOD'S PLAN, and presents Christ as the only hope for physical, mental, and spiritual wholeness. Ideally, 6-weekends are needed for training. Members are equipped to meet health concerns in the surrounding community in preparation for the evangelistic community outreach.

2. Health, Hope &Healing Seminar

A community seminar at the local church or appropriate facility, utilizing the theme, "Health, Hope and Healing, is held." Biblical true-life principles are illustrated, presenting the Bible as "the" most reliable authority for the healing of mind, body and spirit. The absolute authority of GOD, along with the necessity of taking ownership of one's own health, is integrated into the seminar. Special emphasis is placed on the nurturing of friendship between guests and church members

3. The 10-day Daniel Resolve

A follow-up, 10-day application of learned health principles help community guests make a commitment to true-life principles. An in-depth study of pointed Biblical concepts, the 8 Laws of Health from the book of Daniel, along with interactive cooking classes, lead the guests to experience God's healing. Positive results received confirm the power of the Gospel. Crucial one-on-one attention applied here will aid the spiritual growth and development of each guest.

4. Evangelistic Seminar/Weekly Bible Study

A Systematic study of core Biblical concepts that clearly compliment and strengthen principles previously taught is conducted. Students are encouraged and monitored to promote further lifestyle progress. These studies are used as a platform to help individuals to make a firm decision for truth, and ignite the desire to share their successes by witnessing to others.

5. Sabbath School Class For Evangelistic Training

Witnessing is the focus of the new member Sabbath School class. Each member is taught the importance and responsibility of becoming a soul-winner for Christ. This cycle will reap a harvest of many souls!

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