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Nature's Healing Practices

Brand Title:  Agatha Thrash, MD

$49.95 USD



Nature's Healing Practices is an extensive volume that contains a wealth of information drawn from Dr. Thrash's books and her and her associates' years of clinical experience. The book is divided into six sections: Conditions and Diseases, Home Emergencies, Natural Remedies, Herbal Remedies, Dietary Information, Supplemental Information. The first section-Conditions and Diseases-makes up the largest portion of the book and serves as a reference guide for a host of ailments from allergies, Alzheimer's diseases, cancer, and cataracts to headaches, skin diseases, thyroid issues, and women's conditions. Listed in alphabetical order, the various conditions feature case studies, background information, causes, and treatments, including herbal, hydrotherapy, exercise, and dietary suggestions. The rest of the sections provide valuable information how to treat bee stings and other minor home emergencies, how to administer hydrotherapy treatments, what herbs treat what ailments, and what foods to avoid and what foods to eat based on the condition you are battling.

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