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SKU MMSBK1208   

Neuro Nectar

Brand Title:  Buried Treasure Liquid Nutrients

$34.94 USD



A mental maxmizer designed to increase energy and awareness. Improve memory, enhance mental clarity, and provide peak mental performance.

  • All natural plant sourced ingredients for memory, mental focus and clarity
  • Blend of vitamins, herb and neuro-nutrients to give a synergistic ‘brain boost’
  • Buried Treasure Neuro Nectar™ is a high potency liquid supplement to give you a fast mental boost.
  • Neuro Nectar™ liquid supplement is for Increased energy and mental awareness
  • High potency liquid blend of vitamins, minerals and herbs with Ginkgo Biloba, DMAE, Gotu Kola and B Vitamins
  • Fast acting liquid supplement for peak mental performance, quick cerebral boost for focus and clarity.
  • Vegan. Gluten, Wheat, Yeast and Dairy Free. BPA Free 16 oz bottle

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