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The Green Sabbath and the Last Vista of Hope

Brand Title:  Chinedu Daniel Obasi

$21.95 USD



The Green Sabbath and the Last Vista of Hope, is the result of a careful examination of numerous newsworthy occurrences transpiring on the world stage and their apocalyptic implications. Readers will be soberly intrigued by how intertwined these occurrences are, and how they crystalize and verify the predictions made by Daniel, the apostle John, and other Bible prophets.

Obasi begins by highlighting several environmental and ecological developments and their parallels to what Jesus called the early birth pangs of end-time unfolding. From here he points to the responses from political and ecclesiastical leaders regarding these developments, and how this is all laying the foundation for the diminishing of religious and civil liberty, as foretold in Revelation 13.

While this well-researched book discusses many topics, including global warming, Catholicism, the old and the new covenants, and Islam, the author skillfully ties everything together to alert as mant as possible to the solemn times in which we live and the need to increase awareness and preparedness. However, his greatest emphasis is on the One who is truly in charge of the past, present and future-the One in whom we can place our confidence.

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Paperback 200 pages

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