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Come Learn of Me

Brand Title:  Derek Arthur Sharpe

$14.95 USD


Who is Jesus Christ of Nazareth? What is the essence of this God who became man that humanity might regain the opportunity of spending eternity with Him? In this book the reader is invited to enroll in an educational curriculum that seeks to answer these questions in an irrefutable way using teachers that have been created by the Master Educator Himself. Nature has been called to display the will, the way, and the love of God in a manner that is breathtaking. Objects in our daily life have been selected to enlighten our minds as to how Christ's will, His way and His love have a direct impact on our life and the lives of others each and every day. Finally, the Bible itself has been summoned to assist the Holy Spirit in conveying His character through Divinely inspired instruments in scripture. Enrollment is now open. The opportunity has presented itself. Jesus Himself is inviting you to - "Come, Learn of Me."

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