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Norman Walker's Colon Heath

Brand Title:  Dr. Norman Walker

$5.95 USD


A healthy colon is crucial for maintaining overall good health. In this abridged edition of his revolutionary book, Colon Health, mid-twentieth-century raw-foods pioneer Dr. Norman Walker explains the intricate workings of the body's internal waste-disposal system and why proper maintenance is essential to optimal well-being.

Dr. Walker describes how each organ of the body is affected by different areas of the large intestine and clarifies how to maintain a healthy colon so it can effectively eliminate waste products from the body. He also addresses the pro and cons of popular methods for cleansing the colon, such as cathartics, colonic irrigations, enemas, and laxatives.

Through proper care of the colon, it's possible to prevent and experience relief from not only constipation and digestive problems but also allergies, asthma, colds, and respiratory disorders.

The Live Health Now series supplies all the tools you need to restore, maintain, and improve your health.

  • Explore the spectrum of natural wellness solutions.
  • Gain a basic understanding of common disorders.
  • Discover health-enhancing foods.
  • Learn about healing herbs and nutritional supplements.

Whatever your health goals may be, these publications will assist you in achieving optimal well-being.

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Paperback 46 pages

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