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The Great Second Advent Movement

Brand Title:  J.N. Loughborough

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J.N. Loughborough was involved in the Advent movement from its early days, having been called to preach by E.G. White in 1852. During his years of service in the Seventh-day Adventist Church, he worked in New England, Michigan, Ohio, Great Britain, and California. In 1902 Loughborough published an account of the message and history of Seventh-day Adventism titled The Rise and Progress of the Third Angel's Message. Unfortunately, the book was lost when the Review and Herald burned in 1903. Starting over from scratch, Loughborough wrote a new book titled The Great Second Advent Movement that was published in 1905. In it he provides personal testimony and insight into the history of the church, the visions and prophecies of Ellen White, early divisions in the church, and various philosophical and religious matters, as well as some autobiographical material.

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