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PureAir 50 (Plug-In)

$55.00 USD


PureAir 50 is a small room air purifier designed to combat some of the strongest odors in your space. Bacteria, viruses, pet odors, cigarette smoke, mold, and mildew are all kept in check with the purifying power of PureAir 50. Its small size is perfect for travel, allowing you to take fresh air anywhere. Don't settle for stale or stinky air when the solution is just an outlet away!

Activated oxygen: Otherwise known as O3, activated oxygen is one of nature's most powerful purifiers, harnessing a unique ability to safely remove odors, bacteria, viruses and allergens from your living space. 

Ionization: Ionization electrically charges particles in the air including microbes, making them clump together and quickly fall out of your breathing space, creating a much cleaner and healthier environment.

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