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Health Hope and Healing - Addictions

Addictions to various substances such as alcohol, tobacco, cocain, meth and opiods in the form of painkillers such as: morphine, oxycodone, heroin etc. have plagued the Jackson community. these addictions lead to a host of problems:
Marriage/Relationships Home/Family Life Education Employment Health and well being Personality Financial issues Law and Order
Therefore, our April Health, Hope & Healing program addressed prevention and intervention recommendations to eradicate the prevalence of common addictions affecting the Jackson, TN community. We looked at the overall battle of the mind and the importance of the mind in the plan of salvation. Heb 8:10. The social, spiritual, physical and mental aspects were tackled. Education in the application of the law of temperance was given as the number one warrior for prevention. Spiritual steps to recovery were shared:
Acknowledge and Admit Begin to Believe Complete Control Erase Errors Different Direction Forever Forgiven God's Grace
Practical tools one can use to work with someone struggling with an addiction were given. For example, some simple ways to meet the temporal needs of housing, clothing, food, medical care etc. were shared. Tips for intervention from the eight laws of health found in God's Plan were discussed, such as herbs that can be taken, foods to eat and not to eat and exercise. The stop smoking urge recipe found in God's Farmacy was given as a sample to the participants and the participants were able to see a demonstration for a cold sheet wrap as another practical tool when working with someone with addictions. We will be wrapping up this Health , Hope & Healing series with our last meeting on Taking the "Itis" out of Arthritis. Monday, May 2nd at 6:30pm.
Jaleesa Almarales Office Asst./Outreach Coordinator

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