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Birmingham Health Expo

Testimonial: Our team had a great time at your Health Expo this weekend in Birmingham! What a wonderful and informative event, and we most appreciated your incorporation of Scripture and biblical principles. Please let us know about any of your future events in the area. God bless!

This is just one of the many testimonies we received as a result of conducting our latest health expo in partnership with a local church in Birmingham, AL.

Working for the Lord in any capacity is always a blessing, but this was especially true in being a part of the health expo with the Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church in Birmingham, AL. This health expo was conducted in a local library putting the event in a pleasant and neutral environment thus making it easier to reach the people. All involved with this event understood that there was potential for people to be brought to a knowledge of God and His will for their lives.

Upon arrival to the home of a dear church member, the team from M.E.E.T. learned how much work and effort it took on the part of church members to make arrangements for the health expo. I was greatly impressed by the dedication of those leading out. When speaking with some, it seemed as if the expo was all they thought about for days, maybe weeks until the day of the event.  However, it was nice to hear from those same members that they had put the whole matter into the hands of the Lord and knew that He would work everything out for His glory. Yet, the sincere efforts of the members of Valley church did not cease until the expo was finished. 

The day of the expo was met with much excitement. I was excited to be at the “Air” table since I had never done so. The team from M.E.E.T and our host left for the library to set up. Other church members were arriving as well to assist in the program. It was a blessing to see everyone busy and lifting a helping hand to insure that the expo would be a success. All were anxious to meet the people who would come out to learn how to improve and maintain their health. It was nice to see how much the individual church members came out to witness to the community through the 8 laws of health. 

Finally it was time. The first visitors had arrived and began to make their way around the room. The church members and the M.E.E.T. team all wearing a smile greeted the visitors as they stopped my each table. As the people stopped they were informed about each law of health and how to apply it to their daily lives. My table, the law of fresh air, was very exciting since the visitors could have their lung capacity measured. Those that had the proper lung capacity for their weight, height, age, and gender were encouraged to continue exercising and maintaining other aspects of healthful living. Those that were under the proper lung capacity were encouraged to do specific exercises to increase the lung’s capacity and taught the importance of doing so. Many people were blessed, expressing that they never knew that how one breathes could affect the health so much. One gentleman came to my table and we began to talk. He was a smoker and I expressed my concern for him and asked if he understood how important it is for him to quit the habit. He assured me that he understood and that he wanted to quit smoking but was struggling. So I prayed for him and then he said that he knew he would be able to overcome with God’s help. 

As the last few minutes of the expo passed, we all could tell that everyone was having such a great time. There were some who came near to the beginning and lasted until it was time to finish. We saw that many were influenced in the right direction. We saw many who left realizing that God cares for them and that He really does want His children to prosper and be in health 3 John 2. Through this health expo the local church in that area was able to make some connections with the community. God truly blessed the efforts of that church, being eager to share God’s love with others. For that reason it was a great success, therefore we can join with a one of the members in saying, “Wow, God truly is awesome!”

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