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Charcoal has an amazing absorptive (adsorptive, the experts call it) ability to pull into itself toxins and poisons, thus neutralizing them. This is due to its large surface and the fact that charcoal is pure carbon. The carbon hungrily unites with other substances. Poisons, gases, chemicals, toxins, bee and insect stings and bites – all can be adsorbed by charcoal. Charcoal can be also be placed in a poultice and placed over the abdomen, instances of diarrhea and similar intestinal problems. Charcoal can adsorb far more than its own weight. A cube that is 2/5 of an inch square can adsorb 33 square yards of poison! 

Most of the major poisons known to mankind can be adsorbed, and thus neutralized, by charcoal. With a spoon in a bowl, mix equal parts of powdered charcoal and ground flaxseed. Add enough hot water to make a paste, quickly before it cools. Spread it to the desired size, and place the cloth on the afflicted area. 

How to apply it:

1. Assemble everything and prepare the poultice in a warm room. 
2. (Several poultice formulas are given below). 
3. Place the salve on a damp cloth; then place that on the area to be treated. Cover with the plastic, and then with the wool cloth over that. Pin or tape it in place. Leave it on overnight. 
4. When removing it be careful not to spill charcoal, etc., on the floor. Rub the part with ice, or with a very cold, wet wash- cloth. You may wish to renew the poultice with fresh salve and clean cloths.

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