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Health Expo- Jackson, TN

Our latest health expo found us in Jackson, TN where we labored with the Maranatha Seventh-day Adventist Church. This expo brought us in personal contact with upwards of 70 souls from the community! It was especially exciting to see our students from the School of Gospel Health participate where they were able to learn how to conduct such exhibits in the area where they live. As each attendee went from booth to booth, they learned of GOD’S PLAN, the only true remedies to heal the body, mind and soul. At each station, visitors were able to experience how they can practically apply the 8 laws of health to their life in an effort to combat disease and gain healing. At the OPEN AIR booth, oxygen meters were set up that measures lung capacity. At EXERCISE, participants resting as well as active pulse rate were tested and also deep breathing exercises were taught.  At SUNLIGHT, blood pressure screenings were conducted. At TEMPERANCE, blood sugar levels were tested. At WATER, the benefits of water both internally as well as externally was highlighted in addition to demonstrating simple hydrotherapy treatments. At REST, relaxing chair massages were given. NUTRITION is always exciting where attendees find “Death in the Pot” and can also sample heavenly recipes where they “taste and see that the Lord is good”. Finally, at GODLY TRUST, one-on-one counseling sessions were given in addition to offering prayer. Each attendee always leaves with some spiritual devotional book such as The Ministry of Healing and Steps to Christ.

This health expo was done in the community as a prelude to upcoming evangelistic meetings and the contacts gained will be followed-up with as potential attendees for the meetings. By using the right arm of the gospel of health, we have seen time and time again the doors open to receive further truth. We pray that as a result of following Christ’s method, some soul would be won to Christ.

All in all, the Jackson Health Expo proved to be a tremendous blessing.  Even the local news station came out and reported on the wonderful things being exhibited at the community expo! A news story was produced and many were able to witness GODSPLAN in action. To God be the glory!

If you are interested in hosting a health expo in your community or church, please contact us for more details. 

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