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Laborers Together With God

If you would go forth to do Christ's work, angels of God would open the way before you, preparing hearts to receive the gospel. Were every one of you a living missionary, the message for this time would speedily be proclaimed in all countries, to every people and nation and tongue. This is the work that must be done before Christ shall come in power and great glory. I call upon the church to pray earnestly that you may understand your responsibilities. Are you individually laborers together with God? If not, why not? When do you mean to do your heaven-appointed work? 6T 438.2
The Forgotten Organ
M.E.E.T. Ministry held its monthly health seminar at the Westwood Recreational Center in Jackson, TN on March 10th, 2016. The seminar was well attended by M.E.E.T. Ministry students, staff, and member of the Jackson community. All who attended were blessed with valuable information concerning kidney health. The guest speaker, Sister Neeley, covered various points of interest including kidney function, symptoms of poor kidney health, contributors to poor kidney health, and practices in maintaining healthy kidney function. The information presented was both informative and practical and was beneficial to all.
It was explained that if you are on a medication, one should keep an eye on your creatinine level and if its levels begin in increase, begin to take preventive measures.
Sister Neeley expounded on the different functions of the kidneys which include filtering the blood, regulation of electrolytes, vitamin D intake, hormone production to assist red blood cell production and more. She shared that our kidneys hold up to 25% of the body's overall blood supply at one time and that every 4 hours, the blood makes a complete cycle through the system. The human body is an amazing instrument that is fearfully and wonderfully made!
The audience was also introduced to some harmful practices which deteriorate kidney health such as taking pain medications, drinking soda, and neglecting sufficient water intake. Benefits of low protein diet were also discussed. Contrary to these harmful practices, are some beneficial foods and herbs which one can eat in order to maintain healthy kidneys. These include lemon, watermelon, olives, cucumber, watercress, parsley, uva ursi, juniper, nettle, marshmallow root and more. Prevention is always the best solution when it comes to good health.
If the kidneys are failing, charcoal internally, charcoal poultices as well as steam baths can be beneficial. This was demonstrated by Sister Medder. The difference between saunas and steam baths was also discussed.


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