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Lady Lakes

The work of a literature evangelist is a calling which demands commitment, energy and tenacity. More importantly though, it requires a constant surrendering to the Spirit of God. Ellen White tells us about this work by declaring, "God has ordained the canvassing work as a means of presenting before the people the light contained in our books, and canvassers should be impressed with the importance of bringing before the world as fast as possible the books necessary for their spiritual education and enlightenment." CM 6.2
With thirteen working missionaries sent out to Lady Lakes, Florida and surrounding areas, the Lord was there every step of the way, not only in helping us to set goals, but more importantly, to reach them during a span of six weeks. During this winter break, God blessed our efforts by the dispersion of 1,000 pieces of literature. In addition, over 200 people signed up for Bible studies, stop smoking classes, Daniel and Revelation seminars, and cooking schools. Other activities we engaged in while there was to conduct various programs in area churches using principles from the Bible and Spirit of prophecy. 
"The entire winter 2015-16 six week canvassing campaign in Lady Lake, FL, was a tremendous, God-given blessing for me--the fellowship and living/working/recreating experiences with the team, the spiritual food (and literal, too!), the nature and weather, and the precious experiences at the doors, businesses, vehicles, and other settings of meeting people with the valuable literature. Each day God was faithful to give me special contacts. One raining day, I knocked on the door of a condo and a younger woman on the phone opened. Her kindness and cheerful politeness immediately touched me. As I began to share the material, she expressed interests in the cookbook, but when I got to Peace Above the Storm, and Bible answers, she was moved to, and with tears shared that God had certainly sent me, with these books that she and her family really needed right then. It was such an uplifting experience, witnessing God's loving providence and meeting another precious child of His. We shared prayer, she gave a donation, and I was able to leave Great Controversy as well. she and her mother, both nurses, wanted to improve their lifestyle, and the family signed up for cooking schools and personal bible studies. How merciful our tender and powerful Father, and what a privilege to work with Him! I pray the Holy Spirit will continue to water seeds in this dear family's life, for eternal joy! Psalms 36:5 and 92:4"

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