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Outpost Evangelism- Part 1

What is Outpost Evangelism?

As we contemplate the closing scenes of earth's history, we are constantly reminded through inspiration how the work of the Lord is to be carried out in these latter days in preparing a people to stand faultless before a Holy God in the time of the investigative judgment, thus hastening the second coming of Jesus Christ.  Beginning with this newsletter, we will dedicate a three part series focusing on one of God's methods of evangelism: "Outpost Evangelism".  This newsletter, Part 1, will focus on describing what is outpost evangelism.  Part II will address how outpost evangelism is to be carried out.  And Part III will provide practical insights on relocating from the city to the country and counting the cost.

What is Outpost Evangelism? Let it be clearly understood that Outpost Evangelism is not Escapism.  Inspiration provides us with the answer to this question. Review and Herald July 5, 1906, states:

     "The startling and stupendous events connected with the warning of the world are fraught with momentous results.  The messengers who proclaim the truth for this time are laboring in co-operation with all the forces of heaven.  In tender compassion God himself is speaking to an impenitent world through judgments; and he will continue to speak in this manner.  For many years we have known that the great cities would be visited with divine judgments because of long-continued disobedience.  In no uncertain words the Lord has warned us not to establish large institutions in the cities.  'Out of the cities; out of the cites' -- this is the message that has often come to us.  And this is one reason why the Lord has been opening the way so wonderfully for our publishing houses and sanitariums and schools to be located in country places.

     "The cities must be worked.  The millions living in these congested centers are to hear the third angel's message.  This work should have been developed rapidly during the past few years.  A beginning has been made, for which we praise God.  Outpost centers are being established, from whence, like Enoch of old, our workers can visit the cities and do faithful service"  RH 7/5/1906

We are given more insights on what is outpost evangelism in the following inspired statements:

     "The instruction is still being given, Move out of the cities. Establish sanitariums, your schools, and offices away from the centers of population.  Many now will plead to remain in the cities, but the time will come ere-long when all who wish to avoid the sights and sounds of evil will move into the country; for wickedness and corruption will increase to such a degree that the very atmosphere of the cities will seem to be polluted." Letter 26, 1907 (2SM 357.1)

     "God has sent warning after warning that our schools and publishing houses and sanitariums are to be established out of the city, in places where the youth may be taught most effectively what is truth.  Let no one attempts to use the Testimonies to vindicate the establishment of large business interests in the cities.  Do not make of no effect the light that has been given upon this subject." 2SM 357.2

     "As far as possible, our institutions should be located away from the cities.  We must have workers for these institutions, and if they are located in the city, that means that families of our people must settle near them.  but it is not God's will that His people shall settle in the cities, where there is constant turmoil and confusion.  Their children should be spared this; for the whole system is demoralized by the hurry and rush and noise.  the Lord desires His people to move into the country where they can settle on the land, and raise their own fruit and vegetables, and where their children can be brought in direct contact with the works of God in nature.  Take your families away from the cities is my message" 2SM 357.4

     "Repeatedly the Lord has instructed us that we are to work the cities from outpost centers.  In these cities we are to have houses of worship, as memorials for God; but institutions for the publication of our literature, for the healing of the sick, and for the training of workers, are to be established outside the cities.  Especially is it important that our youth be shielded from the temptations of city life." 2 SM 358.3

     "It is in harmony with this instruction, that meeting-houses have been purchased and rededicated in Washington and in Nashville, while the publishing houses and the sanitariums at these centers have been established away from the congested heart of the cities, as outpost centers." 2 SM 358.4

Outpost centers are to be cities of refuge.  The Word of God in Numbers 35, speaks of cities of refuge and their purpose.  Those cities of refuge were to be places of safety for those seeking redemption.  Thus these cities are a type of Christ, for He is the sinner's refuge.

"The swaying of things so heavily in one line is not after the Lord's plan.  The wisest use is not being made of means.  The thousands of dollars that were invested in the Boulder Sanitarium would have accomplished very much more good in the saving of souls and bodies of men, if it had been sent to some other country, where there is a a dearth of facilities for the prosecution of the work.  Strongholds, cities of refuge, must be built up in many lands, that the truth may go forth in connection with the medical missionary work to all parts of the Lord's vineyard.” 4MR132.1

The cities are to be worked from outposts.  Said the messenger of God, "Shall not the cities be warned? Yes; not by God people living in them, but by their visiting them, to warn them of what is coming upon the earth." Letter 182, 1902 (2SM 358.2)  As mentioned previously, Outpost Evangelism is not Escapism.

"God does not mean that any of us should become hermits or monks and retire from the world in order to devote ourselves to acts of worship.  The life must be like Christ's life - between the mountain and the multitude.  he who does nothing but pray will soon cease to pray, or his prayers will become a formal routine." A Call to Stand Apart pg. 27.10

There is a call to revive this God ordained method of evangelism. Habakkuk 3:1,2 speaks: "A prayer of Habakkuk the prophet upon Shigionoth. O Lord, I have heard thy speech and was afraid. O Lord, revive thy work in the midst of the years, in the midst of years make known."

This will be the theme of M.E.E.T. Ministry camp meeting "Revive Thy Work", August 27-30, 2014.  Come and join us to obtain a spiritual and practical experience in God's method of finishing the work.

Part 2: How Outpost Evangelism Is To Be Carried Out.

Written by: Dr. Thomas Jackson, Director

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