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They Come From the East and West

They Come From the East and West

They come from the east and west,

They come from the north and south,

Invited to join with Jesus as guests,

And dwell in their Father's house;

To gaze at His lovely face,

And clothed with His purity,

Join with Him in song and joy throughout eternity.

True to the lyrics of the much-loved song, our students this year have arrived from “the east and west, the north and south,” and we are excited to welcome our international Class of 2016! All the way from Thailand, England, Canada, The Netherlands, and from various U.S States, students landed on MEET Ministry soil for our annual four-Month Gospel Medical Missionary Training School.

The school began with a week of spiritual renewal and practical orientation to the medical missionary work. Students were admonished to shine as “God’s Stars”—individually, uniquely, yet beautifully. The class body was reminded that all we ever do must originate from the True Motive of Service, which is love for God (Galatians 5:6). They were encouraged to surrender all to God at the very sunrise of their student experience, and learn the vital less of how to Abide in the True Vine. (John 15).

Early in the second week of school, both faculty and students were pleasantly instructed in the practical work of pruning. We learned valuable lessons in the garden, as two experts in husbandry came on site to show us which trees needed cutting back, where to cut, and the science behind trimming in order to correctly train the plants. It was a powerful reminder that the True Husbandman knows exactly where and when to cut, and if we only remain abiding in the Vine, we will reach our full potential of bearing fruit His fruit.

We solicit your prayers as the students now embark on the more intense schedule of classes and work assignments. However, each one is cheerfully committed to the task ahead of them, and decidedly hopeful about fully completing the course. They are claiming the promise in Philippians 4:13:  “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

As they learn how to look at the world with Heaven’s eyes, a field white for harvest, we pray that each student will leave with a heart beating to the same rhythm of God’s heart, filled with one desire:  souls.

While Jesus longingly asks, “Who shall we send?”, it is our prayer that the MEET Class of 2016 will be able to unanimously answer, “Here I am – Send Me!”

Far and near the fields are teeming

With the waves of ripened grain;

Far and near their gold is gleaming

O’er the sunny slope and plain.

Lord of harvest, send forth reapers!

Hear us, Lord, to Thee we cry;

Send them now the sheaves to gather

Ere the harvest time pass by.

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